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How to Play

The goal of College Hockey Pickem is to predict the winners of all fifteen games of the NCAA Division 1 Men's Ice Hockey Championships. Registered users can submit a bracket, choosing the winner of each game from the first round through the championship. Players will earn points for correctly predicting the winner of each game, with point values doubling each round, beginning with 1 point for the opening round games. The player with the most points after the championship game will be the winner of the College Hockey Pickem.


Points for a correct guess are awarded as follows: 1 point for first round games, 2 points for quarterfinal games, 4 points for semifinals, 8 points for the championship game. Ties will be broken using the total number of goals scored in the all 15 tournament games.


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Steps and Instructions


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3. Enter your bracket.
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4. Your bracket will appear
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